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  • Space Missions
    Buehler Challenger & Science Center provides an unforgettable experience for both children and adults. Fly a variety of different space missions in our simulator and enjoy our unique hands on experience to learn more about science and space exploration. We look forward to flying with you!
  • Opportunities for involvement
    Check out some of the ways you can get involved at the Challenger Center! Contact us to become a donor, "Buy a Brick", or volunteer.
  • Scout Missions
    An exciting way for scout troops to learn about the wonders of science and space exploration. Scout missions will also help scouts work towards badge and patch requirements.
  • The students really enjoyed
    the mission

    • To inspire students, educators, and the community in the pursuit of scientific education
    • Fly space missions beyond your wildest dreams!
    • Programs designed to foster team building, leadership, and experimentation through inquiry-based learning
    "An educational treasure trove! I've had my curiosity peaked... exactly the reaction I always hope my students have!"
    Amal Hussein, Teacher Mountain Lakes Schools
    "An Awesome Adventure!"
    Eileen Engel, Teacher Maywood Schools
    "An exhilarating way to experience and explore the Universe without leaving the classroom!"
    Patrick D. Walden, Teacher Hillsdale Schools