5th Grade and Up

Fly a space mission beyond your wildest dreams in the challenger simulator! Students will work on teams to complete their mission, while conducting experiments, monitoring life support, and implementing navigation orders. In this dynamic environment, students use principles of science, mathematics, and technology to complete their tasks.


Rendezvous with Comet Halley

The year is 2061. In orbit around the sun, between Earth and Mars, a Spacecraft moves towards its long awaited target: Halley’s Comet. It has not passed near Earth orbit since 1986. The crew must navigate towards the comet, sending a probe through the comet’s coma to analyze what gases make it up.

Return to the Moon

For the first time since 1972, a crew of astronauts is returning to the Moon, this time to stay. Students will locate the appropriate landing site to establish a permanent base on the moon. Astronauts will test their limits will surviving an alien environment. This mission will serve as a stepping stone for human planetary exploration.

Voyage to Mars

The year is 2076 and a new crew of Astronauts is being sent to Mars to relieve a crew that has inhabited the planet for the last two years. Before returning to Earth, the crew will replace an ailing weather satellite to monitor Martian weather.

Challenger Expedition

Extend your stay at The Buehler Challenger & Science Center by adding on a hands-on engineering design challenge. This four hour program consists of a design challenge, lunch, and a simulated space mission.