The Buehler Challenger & Science Center is an innovative science education facility that offers students the next best thing to space flight. Using inquiry-based learning, applied science, and STEM classroom activities, the teaching crew at the Center takes students on simulated space missions. Students act as astronauts and mission controllers on eight different teams, working collaboratively to solve problems and make decisions. This dynamic environment allows students to apply principles of science, technology, engineering, and math to complete their mission goal. The Center aims to create positive learning experiences that raise students’ expectations of success, fosters in them a long-term interest in science, math, and technology, and motivates them to pursue studies and careers in these areas. Teacher training is provided by the Center’s staff of licensed educators and includes all scenario-related materials and curriculum for classroom application. Teachers are trained to infuse critical thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving skills into their classroom teaching and learn how to prepare their students for their Mission into space. The Center is part of a fast-growing international network of Spaceflight Simulators, known as Challenger Learning Centers, developed by the Challenger Center for Space Science Education.