Reach for the Stars (Currently Unavailable)

Little Astronauts(Registrations for 2020-2021 will be accepted in September 2020)

Ages 3-6

90 minutes – snack provided  The adventure of space exploration awaits!  Join us in a fun filled session of activities to inspire your preschoolers in science, math, and technology.  Students develop an understanding of scientific concepts using inquiry-based learning. Picture 002
Choose a topic below for your program:
Air on the Go

  • Learn how air affects the 3 states of matter
  • Experiment with Air and Stomp Rockets

Magnetism on the Go

  • Discover worlds of attractions
  • Move solids and liquids, and classify objects

Color on the Go

  • Use chemistry and micro-trays to experiment with pigment change

D is for Discovery

Ages 3-6
30 minute classroom inquiry-based lessons Picture 008

Bring inquiry-based learning into your classroom!  Students will use various tools to discover science concepts in the familiarity of their own classroom.   Students will use scientific experimentation to gain conceptual knowledge about air, magnetism, or color.  Just as in our popular Little Astronauts, our program themes include:

  • Air on the Go
  • Magnetism on the Go
  • Color on the Go